Community Lead

Report to: Community Manager, Executive Team

Direct reports: Experience Team Leads (ETLs) and Experience Team Members (ETMs)

Goals & Objectives

Our Community Leads are The Urban Hive's biggest cheerleaders, exuding warmth, enthusiasm, and professionalism, and are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Sacramento’s largest coworking community.

You will illustrate The Urban Hive’s core values, strive to achieve our mission, and lead the Community Experience team to achieve the following:

  • You will work to increase member happiness and decrease member turnover, building strong bonds with our members and understanding their business and their needs.

  • You will manage the relationships with the Member Experience Team and membership.

  • You will be responsible for the service and support of our membership community and will strive to always exceed their needs.

  • Maintain company standards and expectations

Duties & Responsibilities (include but not limited to):

Manager On Duty

All Community Leads share responsibilities as the Manager On Duty during many of their shifts, during which they are expected to:

  • Create a warm, happy, and welcoming environment

  • Ensure that guests are greeted with warmth and enthusiasm

  • Maintain Hive norms for the betterment of the community

  • Oversee the security of the space during your shifts, ensuring members and our property are safe and secure

  • Make sure you are aware of all events and meeting room bookings for the day-communicate to next shift any important details

  • Solve member related issues with professionalism and patience

  • Make sure kitchen is clean at all times and coffee/tea/water is always stocked

  • Oversee all Experience Team shift duties to ensure they are completed

  • Make sure that all phone calls are answered and calls are returned promptly

  • Notify Community Manager / Executive Team of any urgent needs immediately

  • Communicate with Property Manager when appropriate on emergencies that may arise (cc us)

Hospitality & Community Experience

  • Supervise METs, including recruitment and training.

  • Supervise member on-boarding, move-ins, and move-outs for quality experience

  • Make recommendations on any repairs, maintenance, replacement, purchases or updates required in your spaces, identifying and resolving issues presented, i.e. insufficient cleaning, repeating IT-related failures, malfunctioning conference room equipment, etc.

  • Oversee meeting room bookings, external and internal.

  • Recommend and implement on-boarding processes, making sure that members understand community norms and get connected to the broader community

Membership Growth & Engagement

  • Recommend, and implement rules, systems, guidelines, and best practices and programming for the community to optimize member engagement

  • When required, conduct tours and oversee timely lead follow up.

  • Keep CRM up to date and that all of your important interactions with leads and members are recorded

  • Ensure that our social media channels are appropriately posting our upcoming events (externally and internally), showing off our events as they happen, and celebrating our members and community

  • Convert outside bookings, event attendees, and guest check-ins into memberships

  • Oversee partner events to ensure there is a good balance of educational, member appreciation, and lead generating and sales-related events and to review for adequate procedural safeguards for the protection of members and company assets.

  • Analyze and report monthly on meeting room bookings and revenue and make recommendations to Executive Team to increase revenue


Traits you should exude:

  • Enthusiasm

  • Warmth

  • Graciousness

  • Dependability

  • Accountable

  • Self-awareness

  • Strong work ethic (the Art of the Hustle)

  • Calm under extraordinary and conflicting currents and winds

  • Positive, can-do, solutions-oriented attitude

  • Savant-level attention to detail

  • Diplomacy

  • Passion for The Urban Hive and its values


  • Experience managing a small team towards quantifiable goals (office management, hospitality, retail management, etc)

  • Exceptional and agile written and communications styles, able to shift between 140 characters, blog-able start-up speak, and corporate communications

  • Ability to work evenings (events) and weekends (even cooler events!) as needed

  • Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills and an ability to prioritize and manage personal workflows and be flexible to shift as needs arise

  • Ability to work in multiple locations

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup-type atmosphere (read: "hustle")


  • Excellent multi tasking abilities

  • Existing relationships with local business/innovation/technology community

  • Understanding of the start-up/innovation/technology landscape

  • Experience in restaurant, retail, hotel, or other hospitality management.


  • Audio/visual production experience

  • Black belt in spreadsheets

  • Graphic design experience

  • Cold-outreach experience